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Enterprise – Sabrina Rokovitz

Enterprise Professional Meeting – Sabrina Rokovitz

November 18th, 2014


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We had an amazing time in Seattle with Boeing and Amazon! The Milgard Case Competition in Seattle is on February 26th. If you are interested, email Donna at before December 1st! Are you interested in working on the website next year? Let us know! Email Aubrey ( or Ana ( Lastly, mark your calendars! The tenth annual Women in Business Gala will be on February 25th, 2014 at 6pm. You won’t want to miss it.

What are you known for?

We were lucky enough to have Sabrina Rokovitz, General Manager and Vice President at Enterprise Holdings, come and speak to us for our final professional meeting. Sabrina was full of advice and inspiration for our members. Here are some of our favorite points.

  • After college, Sabrina said she knew two things: she wanted to be in charge and she wanted to make a lot of money. She has achieved these things, and these two points motivated her to get there, but she realizes there’s a lot more to a career than being in charge and making a lot of money.
  • “Watch the people you interview with. It will tell you a lot about the culture.” At any interview, you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. Find a company that has values and culture that matches what you want. Make sure that company has a mission statement and values that they live by – “It’s not just a plaque on the wall.” Be willing to be pushed out of your comfort zone, but don’t sacrifice your values and who you are in the process.
  • Work-life balance is a lie. It is never balanced. It’s more of a see-saw. At some point you may lean towards work, at other points you’ll lean towards life. Always do a guilt-gut check. If you feel guilty, you’re probably leaning one way or the other too far. The key to mastering this teeter-totter is communication and organization. Share the good and bad with your friends/family and your boss.
  • Keep moving forward. Be positive. If you ever feel like you’re stuck, pretend it’s day one. Look at the problem as if you’ve never seen it before. A fresh, new perspective will help you (and your team!) solve it. Seek out mentors who will help direct you.
Thanks to all of you who came! It was definitely a meeting to remember. See you all at the holiday social! 🙂

“Sustainability” Meeting

“Sustainable Business” Meeting

November 4th, 2014


Meeting number three of the term is in the books! Here’s what happened.

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Seattle Site Visit applications are due TONIGHT at midnight. Fill out the application and sent to our Vice President, Kelly Weiss. Also upcoming this term is the Winter Social on December 2nd.

Profits. People. Planet.

We had the privilege of hosting Laura Strohm, Shandy Buckley, and Kelly Hoell for our sustainability panel. Laura works in the Center for Sustainable Business Practices as the Program Manager right here at the Lundquist College of Business, Shandy works for Glory Bee Honey as the Sustainability Supervisor, and Kelly is a Consulting Associate for Good Company.

Laura began introductions, reminding us that we have a sustainability focused MBA track. She is currently working on developing an undergraduate sustainability concentration to add to the list of options. Keep an eye out for it!

Both Shandy and Kelly fielded various questions including, “How did you get into sustainability?” and “What are current trends in sustainability?” Each studies Environmental Science in college, and had an interest in sustainability early on. Shandy also went on to get a Masters in Marine Science and began to teach. She realized teaching wasn’t the right fit for her and found her current job at Glory Bee. Kelly specifically remembers thinking she wanted to do more good for the planet while sitting in a Spanish class in high school. And that Spanish has gone to good use as she has worked in developing countries and continues to use it today!

We learned that sustainability initiatives are effective when the company integrates them into their culture. If it is part of the mission of the company and the top executives encourage them, it is easier to put sustainability into action. Sustainability is based on the idea of a triple bottom line: profits, people, and planet. Kelly shared that, “doing good for the bottom line (profits) does not have to be in contrast to environmental goals.” Government projects were typically the bulk of sustainability projects, but the trend is shifting as larger corporations are taking not of sustainability and its importance to consumers.

See Glory Bee’s Sustainability report here:

“I wanted to be a force for good in the world.”

See you at the next meeting! 🙂