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Portland Site Visit

Portland Site Visit

May 15th, 2015

Last Friday, May 15th, WIB went on a site visit to Portland! It was an amazing trip that involved visiting Nike Worldwide Headquarters, Salt & Straw, and Aries Apparel.

At Nike WIB got to hear from various speakers and what lead them to work for Nike. One common theme from the speakers was self- awareness. They discussed the importance of being self aware and learning what you are good at but also what you need to improve on. Another important message was that your work needs to be something that drives your passion and gives you purpose.

After visiting Salt & Straw and Aries Apparel there was some extra time for shopping around Portland. It was a successful trip and WIB is already looking forward to visiting Portland again next year!

Thank you to everyone who came and all the wonderful companies that made us feel at home!

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Danuta Pfeiffer Meeting

Danuta Pfeiffer Meeting

May 19th, 2015

Our Spring Social will be Tuesday, June 2nd at 6pm! Make sure to come for the announcement of member of the year, member of the month, free food, and fun!

Our guest for this meeting was Danuta Pfeiffer. Danuta has an array of life experiences and she shared her unique story with us. Danuta started out as a journalism major at the University of Colorado. After college she began working in the journalism field. Some of her jobs included TV camera operator, ski reporter, and an anchor for Sun Up San Diego. As she progressed in her career, various organizations started to take notice of her. One of those organizations was the Christian Broadcast Network. Danuta ended up being the co-host of one of the CBN’s most popular programs, the 700 Club. For Danuta, who had only been a Christian for 18 months before this job, the experience and atmosphere was very new to her. After five years with the program she decided it was time to move on. However, because she had become associated with a very specific type of journalism, it was nearly impossible for Danuta to get a new job in the field.

Danuta wrote a memoir called “Chiseled” that speaks further about her various life experiences. Today Danuta and her husband own Pfeiffer Vineyards which is located in Junction City, Oregon.

Some of the best advice from Danuta’s talk included:

  • “Remember who you are, stay focused, and keep your dream alive anyway you can”
  • “Hold onto the gift you are given”
  • “Don’t let go of your dreams”

Thank you, Danuta for sharing your story with us!

Hope to see you all June 2nd at the Spring Social!

Whitney Wagoner Meeting

Whitney Wagoner – Sports Business

May 5th, 2015

Remember the Portland Site Visit is this Friday, May 8th. Help WIB volunteer at the Eugene Marathon, this Sunday, May 10th! Also our Spring Social is coming up so make sure you are free Tuesday, June 2nd at 6pm!
(Click Here for the slides)

Our guest tonight was Whitney Wagoner, a Sports Business professor who has worked for the National Football League and was responsible for the management of key sponsorship programs including Motorola, IBM & Sony. Whitney shared her path with us, which started at the University of Oregon. As an undergrad Whitney was introduced to the sports business world through an internship with the UO football department. After graduation she entered further into the sports business field through an internship with the NFL in New York. Whitney continued to work for the NFL after her internship, and rose up the ranks of the organization.

While Whitney was very successful with the NFL, she wanted to return to her roots in Oregon and work somewhere that was meaningful for her. Many people did not understand this major life transition. Regarding her move, Whitney emphasized that; “you get to decide the path that is right for you”. She also said everyone needs to live their own true path. Whitney took some time off and soon after started to work as a LCB Sports Business professor. As the program manager of the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center and a teacher of Sports Business, Whitney loves what she does and sees her position as a way to mentor students.

Thank you, Whitney for sharing your story with us!

Next Meeting: Tiffani Couch, Forensic Accountant. Hope to see you there!