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Sharah Madron Meeting

Sharah Madron Meeting

October 20th, 2015

Remember to submit your application for the Seattle site visit to Marissa Sodders at by Monday, October 26th at 11:59pm!

Our guest for the second WIB meeting of the term was Sharah Madron. Sharah has been the owner of Gervais Salon for the last 12 years. Before owning the salon Sharah, a licensed masseuse, practiced massage at the Gervais Salon. Work/life balance is a constant give and take for Sharah who is married and has two children. She said there is “no answer” to the work/life balance question because it is an ongoing process and it changes as your life does.

Sharah shared with us the keys to success in running a successful business. Most important to here was a strong company culture. She encourages team participation and believes in supporting employees in what they create and encourages an open space for everyone to bring in their ideas for the business. Sharah leads by example and values having clear and consistent standards that build trust. Her five elements of a good leader are being a relationship expert, bandwagon driver, communication rockstar, business tycoon, and ideas trailblazer.

As a business owner, Sharah gave us a glimpse into her life by explaining what a typical day is like for her. Sharah said that half of her day is meetings and the other half is completing tasks. She has anywhere between 40-160 tasks to complete everyday so proper task management is vital for her job. Because of this overwhelming amount of tasks Sharah makes sure to start her day with a “getting things done” attitude. When she is done with work for the day she goes home and spends time with her family.

Thank you Sharah for sharing your story with us!

Hope to see you all November 3rd for our next meeting!

First Fall Term Meeting

Salima Shahin Meeting

October 6th, 2015

We are having a WIB Pizza Social this Sunday, the 11th at Pegasus Pizza starting at 5:00pm. The next WIB meeting is Tuesday, October 20th at 6:00pm. And don’t forget the volunteer pumpkin carving event on October 23rd from 1:00-2:30pm!

Our guest for our first fall meeting was Salima Shahin. Salima is a guest lecturer in the Department of Business Management. She is from Pakistan and had some amazing stories on her experiences working around the world.

Salima spoke about her experience as a woman and how most of society tells women they need to stay at home while men work. She acknowledged that she would not be here without the support of her family, especially her husband who helps take care of her children while she is in America.

When she came to the US she thought that everyone would be mean but was pleasantly surprised by how cheery and smiley people are. Working here is hard because she is away from her family. Salima Skypes her children every night and reads them a bedtime story. Her biggest challenge is work/life balance and making sure that everyone in her family is okay. She is not only responsible for her immediate family but also helps provide for her whole extended family as well.

Salima likes to ask herself how can she contribute to society. She believes she is helping by taking everything she is learning here and bringing is back to educate other women. Salima hopes that all her sacrifices will allow for her children to not have to face similar challenges and that the understand what true equality is.

Thank you, Salima for sharing your story with us!

Hope to see you all October 20th at our next meeting!