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Kathryn Kuttis Meeting

Kathryn Kuttis Meeting

November 17th, 2015

Remember our Winter Social is Tuesday, December 1st!

For our last meeting of the term we had the pleasure of hearing Kathryn Kuttis speak. Kathryn is an instructor of public relations in the SOJC. She spent her 20s working in New York in the public relations field. After her time in New York she went to Harvard University Graduate School of Design. Next she received her masters in Landscape Architecture from the UO. Her next degree was a “PhD in childcare” where she learned how to be a great Mother and took care of her children. When her kids got older Kathryn wanted to teach and focus on the intersection of words and images.

Some great pieces of advice Kathryn shared with us include:

  • Work and play can be the same.
  • You don’t need to fit into a typical box.
  • When your stomach hurts because you want to do something so badly that is what you should be doing.
  • Find a really good partner because raising kids is really hard.
  • Don’t just stay in Lillis. Explore what is going on around campus.
  • Be hungry, curious, and full of energy.

Thank you Kathryn for sharing your story with us!

Hope to see you all December 1st for our social!

Seattle Site Visit

WIB in Seattle

November 5th-7th, 2015

IMG_4395This year for our Fall Term Site Visit Women in Business traveled up to Seattle, Washington. It was a quick trip packed with lots of site visits, networking opportunities, and fun!

We started Friday morning by visiting some famous tourist attractions such as Pike Place Market and the Gum Wall. Then we went to our first site visit at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. At the Gates Foundation we received a tour of their buildings and learned about the Foundation and all the amazing things they are doing. We also had the opportunity to hear from Margaret Cornelius and Vicki Wilde. They shared with us their experiences and advice for our future careers.

Next we headed to Safeco Field to visit the Mariners. Our visit started with a panel of Women who were in various departments across the company. Two of the speakers were Camden Finney and Brooke Sullivan. It was great to hear their stories and their favorite memories from working with the Mariners. After the panel we had the opportunity to go onto the field, learn about the facilities, and take photos in the dugout.

Our last visit was to PwC where we spoke with Susan, a Tax Partner in the Seattle Firm. It was a great time to ask questions and learn more about the firm, accounting, and Susan’s career experiences. They gave each of us a copy of Sheryl Sandberg’s “Lean In for Graduates” which we are all excited to start reading.

After aIMG_4389 busy day of site visits the group headed downtown to Rock Bottom Brewery for a dinner where we ate delicious food and talked about our favorite parts of the day. We also got to catch up with a WIB alumna, Casey Livesay who is working for Amazon in their Seattle Headquarters. Later that night we continued to explore Seattle and went shopping downtown, got ice cream on Capital Hill, and drove along the waterfront.

Early the next morning we packed up and headed back to Eugene. The long car rides to and from Seattle were great for bonding with all the members on the trip and filled with good music and lots of laughter.

The Seattle Site Visit was an amazing trip filled with inspiring people, unique experiences, and fun opportunities.

Jen Bell Meeting

Jen Bell Meeting

November 3rd, 2015

Remember to submit your application for the LA site visit by Saturday, November 7th!

This week we got to hear from Jen Bell of Bell+Funk, an ad agency located in Downtown Eugene. Jen graduated from the UO in journalism and then moved to San Francisco where she worked for various ad agencies.

Jen now owns her own ad agency, Bell+Funk. She described a typical day for us which includes: writing copy, recruiting models, placing Google ad campaigns, reviewing media plans, planning how to pitch accounts, and reviewing proofs. She works with a range of clients across an array of industries.

The highlight of her talk was Jen’s advice for starting a career. She provided us with “10 things you should know as you start your career” which include:

  1. Have a firm handshake and look the person in the eye.
  2. Go big, don’t go home.
  3. Take an unpaid internship.
  4. Work where you fit in.
  5. Negotiate your pay. Ask for reviews.
  6. Work your butt off in your 20’s.
  7. Go for jobs you aren’t qualified for.
  8. Find people who will give you opportunities to grow and blow their socks off.
  9. Save your money.
  10. If you can’t find a place you want to work, start your own.

Thank you Jen for sharing your story with us!

Hope to see you all November 17th for our next meeting!