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Kelsey Adeniji Meeting

Kelsey Adeniji, Artistic Outlet Media

January 26, 2016

This week we got to hear from Kelsey Adeniji who is co-owner of Artistic Outlet Media here in Eugene. Artistic Outlet Media is a production company that shoots music videos and commercials. Kelsey says there is no typical day for her. One day she might be scouting locations for a video shoot and the next she could be building and designing sets. This range of activities and the fact that she gets to work for herself are Kelsey’s favorite parts of the job. You can check out more about Artistic Outlet Media here!

Kelsey’s advice for us was, “If you work hard enough you can definitely do it”.

Thank you Kelsey for sharing with us!

Hope to see you all at the next meeting!

L.A. Site Visit

WIB in L.A.

December 2015

Sixteen members of the Women in Business Club here on campus kicked off their winter break by heading down to Los Angeles for an exciting and engaging five days of professional development! We kicked off our site visits by driving to UCLA where we met with two current MBA students who came to find graduate school as a result of vastly different paths. The first speaker graduated with a degree in Economics, and worked for a short time. While working, she realized that she wanted to move up the corporate ladder. To accomplish this goal she enrolled in graduate school. The second speaker graduated from a Liberal Arts school, and was working in the entertainment industry. She realized she wanted to change careers and ultimately enrolled in graduate school. Aside from traditional graduate school advice, they honed in on the importance of work ethic and the value of work experience. I think it was refreshing for a lot of the women within WIB to hear about the real-life work experience and how that can lead to graduate school.

The Fashion Institute of Design + Merchandising (FIDM) was vastly different than UCLA, but still opened out eyes to the potential schooling options post-graduation. Right when you walked into FIDM there was energy amongst the hallways that stimulated every ounce of creativity that you had in your body. We lucked out on the timing of our visit, seeing as it was finals week and every hallway had the student’s “final projects” on display. Projects varied from intricate wall art, complex sketching, and even full-scale window displays. While talking with five current students, all extremely diverse, one theme that was threaded amongst their responses was the importance of a “personal brand”. Spending time developing core qualities while establishing a strong sense of who you are, and what you stand for can be a great asset and can act as a way to show off personal traits that a resume or cover may fail to articulate.

The following day was dedicated to marketing/advertising companies. First up was Lemon light Media, a company built on a strong focus in delivering high quality video advertisements for small businesses. Teamwork and camaraderie was evident throughout the office. Team members encouraged us to seek a work environment filled with employees whom you enjoy being around.

Later that day, we went to 72andSunny, a world-renowned advertising agency. Immediately upon walking into their office, I knew this was an appealing space. I found the environment an intriguing mix of modern, sleek, and comforting energy. After learning more about the work of the agency, I witnessed how the office perfectly reflected the welcoming and innovative thinking embedded in the company’s culture. After watching a short video that brought to life how much of their work is in mainstream media, we were exposed to their diverse and well-known clients. We were then fortunate enough to participate in a great discussion with 3 former University of Oregon students who are currently employed with the company.

The final day was spent visiting the NFL Network and the Guess World Headquarters. The NFL Network focuses on the sports industry and live media. We spent our time at the Guess World Headquarters exploring their highly creative and artistic workspace. Both companies provided invaluable insight regarding the possibilities of successful cohesive workspaces and positive company cultures.

For me, trips itinerary was well thought out and organized. The sites were often similar enough to each other, but still offered unique and distinctive advice and insight.

Aside from being a great opportunity to network and develop professionally we also all found time to relax and get to know one another. I bonded with many of the other participants and created great new friendships to bring back to campus.

The door for Women in Business is always open and we would love to see you at a meeting! Meetings are on Tuesdays at 6pm in Lillis 162 during the even weeks of school. All majors and interests are welcome!

Written by WIB Member Lauren Bauer