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Ashley Horner and Jenny Bennett Meeting

Ashley Horner and Jenny Bennett, Summit Bank

February 9th, 2016

This week we had the pleasure of hearing from Ashley and Jenny from Summit Bank. They were very insightful and shared some great advice. They explained 4 roadblocks we have to networking success:

  • The old adage “Don’t talk to strangers”
  • Have to wait to be properly introduced
  • Don’t be busy
  • Better safe than sorry

To remove these roadblocks we can redefine the term stranger, practice a self-introduction, move from “guest” to “host” behavior, and ignore the “rejecters” and move on.

Other networking advice from Ashley and Jenny included:

  • Have 3-5 interesting news stories to discuss
  • Adapt a positive attitude
  • Dress for the occasion
  • Focus on the benefits of the event
  • Prepare your small talk
  • Practice your handshake
  • Smile
  • Just say yes to new opportunities

Thank you Ashley and Jenny for sharing with us!

Hope to see you all at the next meeting!