Denise Callahan, The Ford Family Foundation

Denise Callahan, The Ford Family Foundation

November 1st, 2016

This week we had the privilege of hearing from Denise Callahan, the Director of Postsecondary Success for The Ford Family Foundation. In this position, her work involves providing college scholarships and grants to deserving recipients. As a first generation college student herself, Denise has a passion for helping others succeed in education. Before finding her current job, Denise worked with other nonprofits, including Willamette University. Denise received her MBA from Willamette, and has found her business knowledge to be very valuable in her nonprofit work.

During our meeting, Denise answered numerous questions about working with nonprofits.
Here are some of her main points:

  • Make sure that you care about the mission of any nonprofit you work with
  • You need both passion and business in nonprofits
  • Learn as many aspects of a job as you can, and figure out things that you don’t know
  • Think about the network you have, and keep your network alive

Thank you Denise for sharing with us!

Hope to see you all at the next meeting!