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Holly Jones, Corvallis Knights

Holly Jones, Corvallis Knights

February 14th, 2017

At our third meeting of the term we heard from Holly Jones, the Senior VP of Operations for the Corvallis Knights. Holly graduated from the University of Oregon in 2007 with a major in Journalism and PR. She was also heavily involved in the Warsaw program. An important component of Holly’s time as an undergrad was her work as an intern for the Aloha Knights of Gresham, and continuing to work as an intern when the baseball team transitioned to Corvallis. In her internships, she realized that she preferred working in marketing and operations rather than PR and communications.

After graduation, Holly took the opportunity to work with the NBA Associate Program in New York, and was part of the partnership and marketing team. She took a similar marketing partnership role with JetBlue Airways after her time with the NBA. One of the most important lessons she learned through her work in New York is that the environment of a company you work for matters. Company culture can affect how much you enjoy a job, and it is important to feel comfortable and valued.

Holly moved back to the West Coast when an opportunity arose for her to help launch a new West Coast League baseball team in Victoria B.C. as the general manager. The HarbourCats had a successful opening and are still thriving in the WCL. Holly’s internship experience with the Knights provided her with the knowledge and experience that allowed her to successfully manage the new team. After a year with the HarbourCats, Holly found her way back to the Corvallis Knights. She now oversees operations for the Knights and league relationships, in addition to holding a leadership role in the league. We left the meeting feeling inspired by Holly’s story and advice.

Thank you Holly for sharing with us!

Hope to see you all at the next meeting!