Frequently Asked Questions

What does WIB do?
WIB provides students, both male and female, with opportunities to learn about different fields of business and professional development while being a part of a friendly and supportive community.

How does WIB do this?
WIB hosts speakers at all professional meetings to share their experiences and advice. Topics may include: personal journey and career path guidance, development of professional skills, and information about various industries. WIB also organizes site visits to different companies to gives students to network and see businesses in action.

When are professional meetings?
WIB meets every other Tuesday (during the even weeks of the term) at 6pm. Please see our schedule for upcoming meetings, sign up to get on the mailing list, or contact our VP of Membership.

Does WIB have any other events?
Yes, each February, WIB hosts the Annual Women in Business Gala. This is a formal professional event that pairs students with business professionals to discuss opportunities, challenges and successes of women in today’s business world. Aside from Gala and the bi-weekly professional meetings, WIB hosts a social event at the end of every term.

Is there a dress code for professional meetings?
Yes. We ask that you dress in business casual for all professional meetings.

Do you need to be a member to attend meetings?
No. Our meetings are open to everyone. We encourage new students to attend at any time within the term.

How can I become a member?
There is no application. Simply contact our VP of Membership, provide some basic information on this form and pay member dues. Member dues are $20 per term or $60 for the year.